Chain-Flyscreens ... Protecting Australia and New Zealand since 2005

HEWLAND Chain Fly-screens .. User-Friendly Flyscreens for Australia

  • Fly screens ... for windows and doors
  • Ideal for business or homes .. .. Keep flies out and let fresh air in

HEWLAND Chain-Flyscreens ..... highly effective and attractive barriers to house flies, blow flies and bush flies.

Anodised aluminium chain-flyscreens are generally considered superior to mesh screen doors because of their uncompromised quality and these proven benefits ..

  • Pass easily without effort through your chain-flyscreen, bags and packages still comfortably in-hand
  • No more need to battle with easily damaged, flimsy, squeaky mesh doors and awkward sliding screens
  • Your sparklingly clean chain fly-screen hangs evenly, without banging or flying up in wind or draughts
  • Hot kitchen air and odours escape as fresh air flows in. (Chain-flyscreens are approved for commercial kitchens)
  • Have your own logo, design, or image incorporated into your screen
  • Our chain-flyscreens are long lasting and excellent value
  • Hang permanently anywhere at all. Highly resistant to sunlight, acids, salt water and oxidation
  • Simple to remove for easy cleaning. Drop into a sink or tub for a soapy wash and re-hang in moments
  • Kind to the environment. Minimise the need to use chemicals or flysprays!
  • Made from recycled and recyclable materials, our aluminium chain-flyscreens are environmentally friendly.
  • Brand new product? .. well no, they were patented and first used in Europe in 1926.

Our Works

Custom stripe in silver, grey and black gloss chain

Custom stripe using black, grey and silver gloss chain

Custom stripe using black, silver and grey gloss chain

Custom stripe using black, grey and silver gloss chain